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In Petergof next to the cavalier houses design by NL. Benoit in 1859-1861 gg. was built waiter's house. Imperial receptions were crowded, required careful preparation.It was necessary to prepare on-site snacks, store stocks of beverages,sets, tablecloths. Therefore, it was necessary
to have a building in Peterhof where all the services were all services, related to the preparation of receptions, would be concentratedin a one place.
The basis of our menu consist of traditional Russian cuisine. We recommend to try a stewed duck leg with cabbage pie and cranberry sauce, cutlets of Pike with mashed potatoes and tarragon or beef jelly. Especially, we pay attantion to fish delicavies: we have such rare position as herring "Olyutorskaya", Norwegian cod, Arctic muksun from the Yenisei River and Baikal omul.
We have well-known russian pickles, such as white southern salted cucumber. We have our own bakery and confectionery, so you can try the traditional russian pies and kulebyaki in the "Kladovaya" - straight from the oven in the literal sense of the word. For dessert - a thematic ice cream series: rye with meadow honey, sea buckthorn with kalina or linseed with birch sap.

The restaurant "Kladovaya" is perfect for lunch or dinner with the family.
For the youngest guests, except for a special menu and highchairs,
there is a children's room with toys and educational games.

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The restaurant is located in the heart of Peterhof, in a historic building, in the immediate vicinity of the entrance to the Lower Park. The designer interior, combining the historical spirit and modern details, a pleasant atmosphere, Russian-European cuisine based on Catherine's recipes, the purity of the country air and, of course, the proximity of the Palaces and fountains-all this will give you an unforgettable experience and you will want to come back here again and again.

The convenient location of the restaurant in the heart of Peterhof, large spacious rooms that can accommodate 100 people simultaneously, as well as the possibility of parking of tourist buses near the restaurant, makes it attractive for mutually beneficial cooperation in the tourist season.

We will be glad to answer all your questions by phone: +7-921-996-70-69

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Weddings and banquets
In Our restaurant there are three halls (Banquet hall for 60 seats, and two small halls for 25 and 15 people. in each room is adjustable, the sound system In the great room, you can connect the projector.

For Banquet events, our chef has developed special offers for the most demanding guests, which includes a variety of snacks, salads, hot appetizer, hot dish to choose from meat and fish dishes, dessert and drinks, the cost of such a menu from 2000 rubles per person, you can also order Banquet dishes, such as baked sterlet, stuffed suckling pig, duck with apples, pies, kulebyaku, etc.

When ordering an event from 10 people, a Banquet offer for alcoholic beverages is valid.

Banquet Manager
For childrens
For children, every birthday is a holiday that they are waiting for more than anything else in the world. To spend a child's birthday in the restaurant "Pantry" - means to save yourself from worries about cooking, cleaning and decorating the home.

Restaurant "Kladovaya" will offer you a children's menu and a great holiday atmosphere, where all the staff strives to please every young guest.

New Year 2020
New Years's corporate parties in the restaurant «Kladovaya»! We are inviting you to celebrate the New Year corporate parties in the restaurant «Kladovaya»! The restaurant «Kladovaya» guarantees you a New Year celebration at the highest level.

You will appreciate:

  • New Year's banquet menu;
  • restaurant atmosphere;
  • table setting;
  • exquisite dishes from our chefs;
  • professional service and attentive attitude to each guest.
The interior of the restaurant, decorated with New Year decorations, will create an atmosphere of magic and allow all guests to relax and have fun.

We are happy to organize your holiday!

Try our delicious pies at the restaurant «Kladovaya»!
A variety of fillings at the best price.

Cost is specified for 1 kg.
Fish with salmon - 700 rubles.
Meat (pork, beef) 640 rubles.
Kurnik (chicken, mushrooms, cheese) - 650 rubles.
With cabbage - 400 rubles.
With potatoes, chicken, mushrooms, cheese - 500 rubles.
With green onions and eggs - 450 rubles.
With cheese (brynza, suluguni) 0.5 - 350 rub.
With wild mushrooms - 700 rubles.

Sweet cakes
Berry (strawberry, raspberry, black currant, cowberry, blackberry, peach, apricot) - 580 rubles.
Lemony (to choose: lemon – apple, lemon – cowberry, lemon – cinnamon) - 420 rubles.
Apple (apple – cinnamon, apple – lingonberry) - 420 rubles.
Roll with honey and walnuts - 700 rubles.
Cheesecake (Vatrushka): with raisins; with poppy, with dried apricots, with berry) - 460 rubles.

Svetlana Evdokimova
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